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We focus on bringing awareness to the internal alignment of our posture and on achieveing balance, stability and functionality in all the movements. 

We learn how to use the legs without any force and being able to free the joints.

From the mindset of feeling comfortable in our body we work on the embrace and the connection with our partner.


We teach how the body can adapt to a movement and learn to connect with physical sensations in order to find comfort within the movement.

Tango it is a social improvisation dance and we teach you how to discover your own creativity.

The fun of playing and combining ideas with different rhythms.

Our teaching style is passionate and ambitious.

We believe everyone can learn within their own possibilities, no matter your age.

We have a profound understanding of the body and have studied many different techniques over the last 20 years. We will try to solve any functional inconveniences that you are dealing with.

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