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The Gyrotonic® Method is a integral training which combines distinct disciplines (dance, swimming, yoga and martial arts)

helps us understand how to use our bodies without excess force and improves movement ability. 

It works the movement of the spine in all degrees and helps to release spinal contractions, which in turn helps stimulate the function of our internal organs.  

These three-dimensional movements begin in the ground, reaching up through the trunk and out to the extremities of the body, integrating it into a unity.

Through the movements the goal is to create stability through contrast, creating space and freeing the joints of tension, which in turn increases the mobility of the entire body.

It works different respiratory patterns, stimulating and strengthening the nervous system, opens energy channels and oxygenates the blood.

It stimulates the circulatory system and the lymphatic system, sharpens sensory perception, harmonizes the circulation of the body's energy, which frees us from the sensations of pain, laziness, fatigue and depression
With a systematic and a well calculated process one can age naturally without pain and enjoy the gift of life, and dance freely in spirit.


       Strong elastic spine

       Flexible, resistant and mobile joints

       Cardiovascular stimulation

       Augments muscular tone

       Improves flexibility

       Develops balance and coordination

       Prevents and rehabilitates lesions

       Restructures posture

PRIVATE LESSON                                                  120.-

PRIVATE ABO four times                                     400.-                      

TANDEM One time per week                                 75.- 

TANDEM Two times per week.                           100.-

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Phone Number: +41 76 764 7770

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