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Each person has their own way of moving and connecting with their body. A very personal and individual style.

Somatic Dialogue is a method that works on the discovery and exploration of your own personal movement.

Through guidance the student connects with the sensations and the breath. This is a fundamental element for the expansion of movement and relaxation of the mind.

We learn to observe how movements can start in one place and can travel through the whole body.

We will try to reach a state of contemplation where the mind is just an observer.

Through this method you will learn to raise awareness to the body in its full essence, such as the skin, the fasciae, the muscles, the bones and the organs. Also the environment that surrounds us, the floor, the air and the space become part of where we are.

It is a technique that teaches us perception, listening, patience, waiting, self-love and self-acceptance.

It is a Dialogue that connects us with our source, happily discovering our own way of dancing, playing and enjoying.

PRIVATE LESSION                                           90.-

PRIVATE ABO four times                                  300.-               



Phone Number: +41 76 764 7770

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