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BIO Eugenia

When I was 5 years old, my mom enrolled me in a Ballet class where my passion for dancing began to form. Growing up I completed the Ballet education at the Centro Polivalente de Arte in my home town San Luis (Argentina). Later studying Fine Art at the University of La Plata (Buenos Aires) I found Tango dancing, a passion that would continue to grow through the years. It was nothing completely new for me since my father loves Tango music and I grew up listening to it. In Buenos Aires I trained in different dance techniques of contemporary dance, Contemporary Partner, Contact Improvisation.

In 2001 I moved to Paris and started working with Mariano Chicho Frumboli, an exceptional dancer with whom I was able to develop my personality and technique for Tango dance, influencing the way it is practiced by new generations. In that year my international career began, with performance and teaching at Festivals and Workshops around the world.

I also worked for a few years with Ezequiel Farfaro and Pablo Inza, talented and internationally recognised dancers in the Tango environment.

Until 2010 when teaming up with my partner in life, Yanick Wyler, my favourite dancer, with a strong capacity for expression and transmitting meaning in dance, virtuoso in his creativity and musicality. With him I was able to deepen in traditional Tango and include all the techniques that I have studied throughout my life; in this way we can express ourselves more freely within Tango.

Besides, while living in Paris, I discovered the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Method and, completing their teaching education in 2005, have been coaching clients in this marvellous movement technique alongside my dedication to Tango. I also studied CranioSacral Therapy with Nadia Felix, Ancient Lomi Lomi technique with Jody Mountain, BALLance concept with Anja Kursawe and recently Somatic Dialogue education with choreographer Berrak Yedek.

BIO Yanick

I was born and grew up in Zurich as well as a few years in a small Swiss mountain village. Early on I was introduced into the delights and frustrations of fine art and music as well as sports.

In middle school I developed a keen interest in creative processes, mainly in design and film, spending endless hours with my friends in dim lit church towers or in the crawl space of our high school filming super eight movies, some of which were actually shown at film festivals. At the same time I got introduced to ballroom dances but soon would focus more on hip hop and street dance.

Only after completing my Matura, an internship in a small industrial design studio and an ensuing apprenticeship as a carpenter/cabinet maker I found back to couples dance when participating in a Tango weekend seminar in 2001. Quite immediately I was hooked and started to dedicate a lot of time to this exciting new hobby.

When visiting Bs.As. for the first time I was still a greenhorn to Tango but somehow fell in love with the culture, the music, but most of all with my now wife and dance partner Eugenia.

I spent half of my life within the Tango community, learning, teaching, exchanging ideas and developing this dance.

We lived in Paris, Berlin and Buenos Aires, toured the world, completed the Gyrotonic Teacher Trainings, participated in countless seminars and workshops of contemporary dance, contact improv, featured in documentaries on Tango and were involved in many art photography shootings, performed live shows with many Tango Orchestras , Grammy winning band Tanghetto, Narcotango, Tangorra, co-organized events and practicas. Thanks to Tango my life was enriched in a way I could never have imagined. 

Since 2019 we are back in Zürich with our son Amadeo and keep working internationally as well as dedicating some of our time to teaching locally in our weekly classes and occasionally an intensive workshop.

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