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Unifies body, mind and soul

We love Tango because it keeps our sensations alive. We learn the subtleties of listening and what the body perceives in this dialogue. It connects us to our femininity and 

masculinity, in a vulnerable state, which is a challenge.

Tango is passion, nostalgia, enjoyment, play, fun and freedom.

Tango Argentino

Somatic Dialogue


Yanick Wyler & Eugenia Parrilla

Dancers, Teachers,Choreographers

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We focus on bringing awareness to the internal alignment of our posture and on achieveing balance, stability and functionality in all the movements. 

We learn how to use the legs without any force and being able to free the joints.

From the mindset of feeling comfortable in our body we work on the embrace and the connection with our partner.

We teach how the body can adapt to a movement and learn to connect with physical sensations in order to find comfort within the movement.

Tango it is a social improvisation dance and we teach you how to discover your own creativity.

The fun of playing and combining ideas with different rhythms.

Our teaching style is passionate and ambitious.

We believe everyone can learn within their own possibilities, no matter your age.

We have a profound understanding of the body and have studied many different techniques over the last 20 years. We will try to solve any functional inconveniences that you are dealing with.




       Strong elastic spine

       Resistant and mobile joints

       Cardiovascular stimulation

       Augmented muscular tone

       Improved flexibility

       Balance and coordination

       Prevention and rehabilitation of lesions

       Improved posture

PRIVATE LESSON                                                  120.-

PRIVATE ABO four times                                    400.-                      

TANDEM One time per week                                75.- 

TANDEM Two times per week.                          100.-

The Gyrotonic method is a comprehensive training that combines different disciplines (dance, swimming, yoga and martial arts)

You work with the possibilites of the the movement of the spine in all directions. This helps to release contractions we have and stimulates the functioning of our internal organs.

Gyrotonic strengthens the internal muscles through elongation and spiral movements.

The movements seek to create stability through contrast, creating space and freeing the joints from tension, which in turn increases the mobility of the entire body.

With different breathing patterns, the nervous system gets strengthened. The energy channels get opened up and the blood is oxygenated.

The circulatory and lymphatic system gets stimulated, sensory perception gets sharpened and the circulation of the body energy gets harmonized. This helps to relieve pain, lazyness, fatigue and

syptoms of depression.

With this systematic and genious method you can age naturally without pain and enjoy the gift of life, and dance freely in spirit.

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Phone Number: +41 76 764 7770


Each person has their own way of moving and connecting with their body. A very personal and individual style.

Somatic Dialogue is a method that works on the discovery and exploration of your own personal movement.

Through guidance the student connects with the sensations and the breath. This is a fundamental element for the expansion of movement and relaxation of the mind.

We learn to observe how movements can start in one place and can travel through the whole body.

We will try to reach a state of contemplation where the mind is just an observer.

Through this method you will learn to raise awareness to the body in its full essence, such as the skin, the fasciae, the muscles, the bones and the organs. Also the environment that surrounds us, the floor, the air and the space become part of where we are.

It is a technique that teaches us perception, listening, patience, waiting, self-love and self-acceptance.

It is a Dialogue that connects us with our source, happily discovering our own way of dancing, playing and enjoying.

PRIVATE LESSON                                            90.-

PRIVATE ABO four times                                  300.-               



Phone number: +41 76 764 7770

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