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Eugenias Ausbildung

In 2003, while living in Paris, I began practicing Gyrotonic. My training was developed almost entirely in Europe, mainly in Rome and Germany, with different Gyrotonic trainers who contributed much to my understanding and learning process. Since 2005, I am been teaching and I still continues discovery and learning of this technique. 


Gyrotonic® Level I 


Pre training                                         RegulaGadient Perfetti

Foundation                                          Lucrecia Caricola

Supervision                                         Lucrecia Caricola

Certification                                        Gina Muensterkoetter


Gyrotonic® Level 2 


Parte I         Pre training                     Anke Hauerstein

                   Foundation                      Elena Spaziani


Parte 2        Pre training                     Sandra Messina

                   Foundation                      Elena Spaziani



Gyrokinesis Level I          


Pre training                                        Angela Crowley

Foundation                                         Lucrecia Caracola

Certification                                       Gina Muensterkoetter


Gyrokinesis Level 2


​Beginners                                            Anke Hauerstein

​Foundation                                          Anke Hauerstein



Therapeutic courses:      


Applications for the 

pelvic girdle                                        Paul Horvath


Aplication for scoliosis                       Paul Horvath


Specialized course


Gyrokinesis Breathing

Course Intensive                                  Anke Hauerstein


Gyrotonic® Musical journey course   Sandra Messina


Gyrokinesis Breathing

Course Intensive.                                 Juliu Horvath


Gyrotonic® Applications for

Juliu’s Wrapping System.                    Debra Rose


Gyrotonic® Leg Extension Unit.         Hideto Heshiki


Gyrotoni® Jumping-

Stretching Board.                                 Hideto Heshiki

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